Guys! I need your help, why did he say this?

Why would a guy say "too good for me now?"


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  • You're out of his league now.


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  • Have you done something that he isn't able to or won't do. Like let's say you're in college and he's not, he may feel like you're better than him and thus too good for him cuz you're bettering your education and your chances of getting a good job.

    Then there's the bad side where maybe he cheated and you never have and now he feels like a bad person and is no good for you

    • He's 25 and he does not have any college under his belt. He's going through some issues. I feel i am better than him but i do accept him for who he is as friends at the moment til he gets through his issues.
      I never have cheated on a guy nor been in a relationship bc i have my passion for horses so the guys i usually have hung out with don't like horses but i do ask about their interests and etc.

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  • In what context?

    • i meet him out of state and i came back home and we've been talking, then he ran into some issues and stopped talking to me but still read my messages asking if he was okay. then 6 days later said that statement and have talked since then.