How to ask a guy if he's interested in a second date?

I went on a blind date the other night and had lots of fun! At the end of the date he said "I'll see you soon!" It's been 4 days and there has been very little communication. I would say that means he isn't interested, but I also have been considering that he is just really busy (working and hanging out with his friends/family) and isn't by his phone. 1. Is it annoying and desperate to ask him if he's interested? 2. Word for word, how do I ask him if he's interested, if he wants to keep talking, and if he wants to go out again or if we are both wasting our time. NOTE: I'm totally fine with him saying he isn't interest and don't want him to sugar coat it.


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  • haha... oh man. Welcome to Guy-World. Actually, I'm having this EXACT SAME PROBLEM right now.

    I dunno what to tell you Mik, some people are just assholes that waste your time. This chick I went out with is leaving me hanging as well. You can ask him if he's interested, I don't think that would affect anything; You're lucky because guys can't be straight forward like that otherwise chicks view us as "needy". For you to ask a guy tho is kind of OK. But yeah, I'd be totally fine either way too, all I want is a freaking answer so that I don't waste my time. Totally know what you mean.

    Word for word... "Hey, what did you think of the date? Better off as friends or something more?" I dunno, I've never tried asking because that's basically a death wish when a guy asks a chick this. But as a guy I think I would be cool with hearing something blunt like that.

    Do NOT do what Sara says, "hey wanna go out on such and such night?" because these types of people will string you along. If the dude doesn't answer the straight up question AT ALL then I guess you have your answer, right? Not interested. Yeah, really shitty way of finding out.


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  • 1. No.
    2. "Hey, want to go iut again on such and such night?"


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  • There are no rules in dating. Call him as often as you want. You ask "I had a lot of fun and was wondering if you'd like to go out again. If you're not interested please tell me now."

  • If a guy had a first date, and it wasn't terrible , he'd surely be interested in a second one.


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