Just sex, or is it more?

We talked about it just being sex but then he messages me every night even without sex, he kisses me without the sex & once I stayed & cuddled a bit.
I don't think I'm his usual type but I'm really enjoying what is going on here & I don't know what to do about it...


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  • One question

    Do you want it to be more than just sex?

    • I think maybe I do...

    • Then it's best not to question whether or not it is.

      Because then if you find out its not, you'll be disappointed

      Just enjoy what it is now, don't worry about putting a label on it

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  • Ask him what he wants, if you don't know


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  • Maybe he actually likes you personally if I like a girl & i don't want her as a whore I genuinely wany her meaning I want more than just sex i want a future relationship meaning you'll get many text from me hugs kisses etc. Tell him how you feel and think about what you actually want out of the connection with you both right know and make a decision on what you want with him Communication is Key to a better life

  • dont believe him :))

    • Believe what?

    • if you want a simple friendship you can go on like that, maybe he met an attractive one and he doesn't want to leave you too because he dont want to be alone after new girl's leaving :)
      note:(sorry my English not so good dear)

  • Just go with it.

  • It sounds like he really likes you and does not want to push you into sex to fast, and he enjoys cuddling

    • We have sex, this is just extra stuff that I haven't got out of similar arrangements I've had in the past...

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