Would you use a hall pass?

Yes like the movie. Girls, if you were in a long-term relationship but torn between wanting to be in a relationship or being single, would you try the hall pass idea? Guys, would you use it?


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  • There is no such thing. Maybe for a broken marriage but once you allow one infidelity, it comes out as something much worse. The concept itself isn't that bad, like taking a vacation or trying something new, but when it comes to the person you love, there are no exceptions. So definitely not, since I would never allow her the same


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  • No I wouldn't use it because I think it's weak to not know whether you want to stay or leave a relationship. What is the point of having sex with another person just to test your love for your current partner? It makes no sense to me. I would be devastated if my partner asked for this. I would open and slam it shut as he left.

    It can get repetitive in a LTR but you've gotta work at making things good all the time. It takes effort and will to get through those rough bits.

    • I'm not focusing on the sex part of it, but more on the interacting with other guys how I would if I was single versus in a relationship. But thank you for your opinion it makes sense!


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  • Nope.

  • Maybe think about it.


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