How to get out of the creeper zone?

So, I don't this for sure, I mean I've only ever glanced over to this one girl in my class, but I like her, and I'm not sure what she thinks of me so far. So I was wondering if she did think I was creepy, what could I do to change her mind? or is it too late?


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  • Whoa whoa whoa, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself here. haha

    I can only answer this from personal experience, but if someone hadn't even spoken to me before, I certainly wouldn't think they were creepy. Unless of course it was relentless staring and really noticeable (ie EVERY time I looked over you were just staring, not doing anything else, very concentrated look like you were thinking of kidnapping me or something), I would be a little unnerved. In fact, I would hardly know they existed unless they'd at least spoken a few words to me.

    So. First step. Talk to her. Seems obvious, but its the only way you're ever gonna get on her "potential date" radar. Talking will undo any "creeperness" that you MIGHT have, as long as you talk about normal, interesting things. In other words, yes, you're going to have to flirt. After class, before class, in class, in the halls. MAKE her see that you exist, and that you have a personality that's interesting and fun to be around.

    I don't think it is ever to late to change people's minds. we change in little ways all the time, for better and for worst. Its definitely worth a second look on her (and his, depending on what side you're talking about) part.


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  • glancing is not creepy. staring intently at her without blinking for the entire time is.

    :) unless she's completely conceited she's not gonna be creeped out at all. in fact one glance in her direction is nothing.


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  • Glancing is only creepy she has some sort of prejudice against you like you being ugly or something.