Finally met this guy after talking on internet dating website, after the meet up, he kissed me on the cheek.. what does that mean?

He is 41 and I am 27


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  • When a guy meets you from the internet, they panic thinking you'll see them and not want to meet them again. This means the time table on the normal dating clock has exploded so if he kissed you, it means he's interested and wanted to show it.
    Just a small note, but I think you should probably date someone closer to your own age. If he's the one you think you want, kool, but that's a little old don't you think? I could be wrong, but I feel like there's a generation gap. Not trying to be rude, I just look at everything. Hope it works out :)

    • You don't think he could be legitimately interested in me due to my age

    • My second cousin was 60 when he married his wife who was 18. He died a few years later and she's still not married. That was almost fifteen years ago. He wasn't rich, just an awesome guy. She's still in love with him, so if you're again about the age, yes, totally possible he doesn't care about the age.


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  • He's timid or shy

  • that means you should have babies.


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