I had a weird dream about an ex? Meaning?

okay, last night I woke up feeling very weird. I was at a party, and my ex came up to me. He was acting very confident and he grabbed my hand and led me to a bedroom. It was just the two of us, and he started undressing. I was just standing awkwardly as he tried to undress me and I refused his invitation. He was already half naked and looked very disappointed. I remember just leaving the room and going home.
Why did I have this dream? He's been texting me again lately, but I just talk to him friendly.


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  • Dreams are a compilation of things that leave a lasting impression on our minds. If you're stressed about something or have something in your subconscious then that's usually what you dream about. I wouldn't really put any stock into it since last night I few from San Francisco to Salt Lake City on a purple hippo. Trust me, dreams are meant to be a good thing for sleep, but don't dwell on them too much.

    Also, I think your dreams are a few ratings higher than mine hahaha


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  • Maybe he's making it more than friendly during your conversations and subconsciously you were thinking about it


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  • it's just a dream, doesn't really mean anything

  • do you currently have a boyfriend?


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