Whats the lamest thing an SO has tried to lay a guilt trip on you for?


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  • I made fun of his SCA name and then he made me feel like a bad person for making fun of his dumb hobbies.

    • Whats an sca name?

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    • Is that like a real thing? Like how some people still have (or pherhaps... apparently...*decide* they "still" have) a family coat of arms, or an older family name than the one they're currently, legally using... or is it more that he went to medieval times and got faux knighted, or something?

    • It is indeed a real thing.


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  • Not letting them get away with things usually. One guy was so insecure, he hated when I spoke with any other guy. I'm extremely outgoing. There's no way I could NOT talk to people.


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  • Tried using sadness at her father's death to get her own way in an argument, 2 years after he had died...

  • I'm kind of immune to guilt. If I did wrong I try to make it right, if that's impossible I don't let it bother me. If I don't think I did wrong I don't care what other people think. I don't even notice when people try and make me feel guilty.

    • "tried" may have been the key word, then 😊

    • Like I said I don't remember, I'm sure it's probably happened but here's a funny thing, when people can snse it won't work they don't bother trying.

  • She told me that the reason she had fucked another guy and had an affair is because I "didn't listen" to her and "ignored her needs."

    • Wow, she could've said something...

    • Yeah, she could've been honest. She made it sound like I forced her to go screw somebody and stay in a relationship with me. I haven't spoken to her in years... and really don't want to.

    • I can see how you wouldn't 😊