Is mens height must be around 6'7 for dating with 5'11 tall girl? Is anything below 6'7 not tall enough for 5'11 girl?

Is men must be minimum 6'6 or 6'7 for dating a girl Who is 5'11 tall?

Is anything under 6'6 or 6'7 looks weird and bad and incompitable with 5'11 tall girl?

Or only 6'3 - 6'5 ideal for 5'11 tall girl?


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  • So what turns you on is slap stick humor of guys bumping their head on shit? :s


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  • Ummmm I am 5'11 and I certainly don't need my men to be as tall as 6'7. They can be my height or taller or even a couple inches shorter.

    • What do you think for general opinions?

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  • nope i think a really tall couple would just look a little odd. if a girl is that tall then the guys ideal height shud be a FEW inches taller or i think same height would be ok too. but thats just my opinion

    • Few inches taller then 6'7?

      Or few inches taller then 5'11 girls height?

    • I'm 6 foot 1 and unlike girls that are 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 3.

    • Like not unlike.