Dating advice needed: am I giving the wrong impression?

My friend set me up with her coworker. She gave me his number and my number to him. We had been texting and snapchatting fairly regularly for a whole month before we finally set up our first date. Simple dinner and movie and through out the whole date, i thought it was a bit boring and awkward (first date awkwardness). He seemed like a talkative and funny guy through texts but turns out he's a really quiet guy in person. So the date was mostly me talking and asking him questions. But then again we also got to know each other before the date so I didn't know what was appropriate to talk about on the first date.
After the date, he walked me back to the car. I was going to give him a kiss on the cheek goodnight. However, he's a whole foot taller than me so i had to really stretch to attempt it. I guess he thought i was going for a full on kiss and he pulled me in and gave me a full on kiss that was very passionate. So i kissed back and we ended up making out in the parking lot for a bit.
When i got home, i got a text from him saying he had a great time and looks forward to seeing me again soon and replied saying i was free for the whole week and to choose any day. And he replied that he was free the next day. So told him to come over to my place since it was less formal. He comes over, and in the end, having a huge makeout session with lots of heavy touching. We've been communicating on and off since and have set up a second date. However I feel I've given him the wrong impression. Do you think he'll expect sex on this next date? There's definatly good physical chemistry but i don't think we've clicked completely and I want to give it a chance for something more serious. Should I hold back on the affection this next date or just go with the flow?


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  • Once you start getting physical it's bound to intensify. So if you want to slow down, you're going to have to make it happen... or not happen is this case. He likes you and it seems like you really like him too, but if you're only expressing yourself in one way, that isn't good. So I would make sure you get him to talk and get to also know you better. If you're just talking, it isn't enough since he's not interested in who you are, just that you're willing to make out with him (not saying he's just going for sex) but it's important to get to know each other in all aspects. Maybe your next date you guys go to the park, walk around and talk. You should let flow and not over think it, but don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.


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  • Just let it flow naturally don't over think it

  • Yes first date awkwardness is always something that happens at least to me worst parts are the moments of awkward silence and eye contact haha.

    • Also to answer your question because you invited him to your place and made out and touched he very well maybe expecting sex or at least a bj. If you want neither make that known to him right away. No sex.

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  • I agree with the last guy. If you don't want to have sex with him yet, I would definitely tell him. And if you feel like you guys are moving too fast I would definitely tell him that too.