She reject me now she want my attention because I am ignoring her... what should I do?

She reject me and i am ignoring her now she want to get my attention... i am living with her family.. if i am talking with someone outside then she come... if i am chatting on whatsapp with a girl then she disturb me but i am not replying on her texts... everytime i change my dp and status then she watch these and giggle on these... she giving me some mixed signals... sometimes she send love quotes... whenever i talk to another girl her face tells that she is feeling jealous... everytime she come in that room in which i am... she stares me... whenever we are in same room she sit always in front of me... I am not understanding what she want? and why she doing this?


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  • You should forget about her.


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  • definetely she likes u... all those signs r pretty obvious.
    but i guess reason she rejected u was... she didn't want to pass as "easy" and say "yes" too soon -i believe-

    • What i do now?

    • just approach her and tell her... "y all those staares? seems kinda obvious u lke me. y do u hide it?"


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  • ignore her you dont want this trollop having any control over you