Do I ask him on the third date?

Okay so I met this guy on Tinder a little over a week ago, and we hit it off on conversation pretty much straight away. We then went out on our first date Sunday which I thought went really well. I then text him that evening to say thank you and how I really enjoyed it, we then went on to texting back and forth straight away. We then went on a second date Tuesday which I still thought went well, like we kissed and we spoke of going out on a third date. However he kept saying how tired he was, and fed up with stuff at work which meant he wasn't in the exact same mood as Sunday, which I think affected the date a little bit. Anyway I didn't text him that evening, but text him yesterday. He eventually replied but he seems to a bit more distant now, like he is taking ages to reply and not as into the conversation as he first was. I would like to go out with him again to see what he is like on a third date, but do I give him his space and let him initiate the conversation (as I dont want to chase him away) or do I just ask about the date myself? Im so confused, as I did like this guy and thought he was into me :(


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  • a 3rd date in just a week's pretty early actually so i guess he needs some time to consider about a 3rd date u know...

    well as he said he's busy wid his work as well and da reason he's being distant doesn't mean he doesn't like u obviously... but he doesn't want to keep himself busy wid u, since he has more important things to do atm at least!


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  • Sure, go for it.


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  • I wouldn't for now... hang back, distract yourself and see if he eventually comes around. don't rush it or force it.