Do you think the reason I can't find someone to date is because im straight?

do you think the reason i can't find someone to date is because im straight?

So both my sister, whos gay, and I want to date so we both joined Tinder. She has had way better luck that i have and she has meet two really nice girls that she really likes to go on dates with.

I haven't come across any decent guy yet.. and the one guy i actually messaged was from Holland and was only visiting.

Its frustrating that she meet so many new and interesting potential partners and im stuck alone..


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  • I don't know what's on your profile. But the best thing for you is to stay true to yourself. If you like girls then that's fine but if you don't then maybe you should try to be more forward. It's just an app. Go for it. Maybe broaden the type of guy your looking for a bit.

    • im straight.. my sister is the gay one... and regarding broading the type im looking.. i dont really have a type.. i just like the guys i find attractive and take it from there, haha... so im not sure hoe to expand

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    • well getting attention isn't my problem.. the problem is finding a decent nice guy... Im not saying the guys i match with doesn't have those qualities, but it doesn't come across that way so it makes me lose interest in even going on dates with them

    • Not to be rude you sound a bit picky. Nothing wrong with that. You can always try another app, see who else is out there. Decent nice guys do exist... I've met one.

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  • It has nothing to do with sexuality. It can be multiple things: you could have high standards, you could be looking in the wrong places, maybe you need to work on yourself to make yourself more appealing to date, and you also may have to be more forward and give guys a chance, even if they don't seem "perfect."


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  • First off, Tinder is a terrible way of meeting people. Most people use it as a hookup site based solely off of looks. Second, you're comparing yourself to your sister. Both of these combined are not going to make you happy. Try a real dating site (which I still don't endorse) or meet guys in real life. You'll have better success meeting guys in person than you ever will with the online stuff. Plus, you'll know they aren't as desperate.

  • the whole world's gone gay

    • what are you talking about?

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    • its like saying "Both my brother and I like icecream" lol

    • ok i see now lolololol i didn't read that.

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  • NO its not that your straight... you just have to wait for the right guy... that's what I did!!!