Men: would you date a feminist?

I'm not referring to the kind of woman that is an uninvolved, placid supporter of women's rights, I'm talking about a card-carrying NOW member that constantly gets into passionate debates about women's liberation (etc) and/or attends meetings and protests.


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  • I know I'm not a guy, but I'd still say no. Feminists are psychotic. They take everything so seriously, and most of what they go off about is BS. They only want equal rights where it benefits them. They expect to be treated the exact same as men when it comes to jobs. But society goes crazy when a man even pushes a woman. Equal is equal. A man would knock another man if he said something that p*ssed him off enough.

    • Yes, I like you.

      Feminist are people who want equality and while I think it's a positive thing, the image that sticks in our minds are hairy fat angry lesbos.

      As far as men hitting women? yes, sometimes a girl who runs her mouth too far needs a slap. Men know that if they talk enough sh1t, they are getting punched. The same rules should apply to women, now I don't mean that the guy should beat her to a pulp, but don't expect to talk sh1t to my face and not expect any repercussion.

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    • Here is a prime example of what I'm talking about:

    • That little princess **** got knocked on her ass yo, lol. And then her skinny boyfriend tried to flex his nuts at dude like he was tough ....that's awesome


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  • would you?

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    • Yes... so they can be equal to those of men. I'm really not going to debate what feminism is here. but I think people spend too much time finding differences between all of us instead of focusing on the fact that we are all human regardless of gender or race.

      and by the way, the difference between the genders is in the estrogen and testosterone hormone proportions, correct? did you know that the two hormones differ from each other by a single hydrogen atom? mind-blowing. and it's caused so much

    • Trouble.

      it's ridiculous.

      so instead then: i, then, personally believe we should all be equal. also, I don't believe violence is easily justifiable by talking smack or anything like that (the other question, I know, but whatever).

      that's my 2 cents.

      peace out

  • what's wrong with women that watch out for other women/womens rights? I think you all are just intimidated by powerful women! Lol I'm jk... but seriously, feminists mean positive... or atleast, I'm sure, that's what they try to do whether it takes an argument or not to get the results!

    • ohh so powerfull you need others to cover for your own ass... Im more intimidating to have to deal with your bullshits thats for sure...

    • intimidated*

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  • HELL NO. It would have to be a cold day in hell for me to even consider dating a feminist the thought of that makes me cringe.

  • Hell no lol, everything would turn into a crazy argument about dumb stuff

  • I probably wouldn't. I mean no offense but from my experience feminists are always looking for arguments and/or looking to point out when something isn't fair/right...etc. And it's just not fun always getting into arguments about it.

    It's like hanging out with a staunch supporter of the black panther movement. EVERYTHING is about race...EVERYTHING.

    And that's no fun. I like to relax...I'm up for debates - but not always about the same darn thing...

    Good luck though...

  • Why would any person of any gender date someone who wants to enact discrimination against them into federal institutions and the law itself?

    Well okay, maybe out of desperation they would.

  • No, i would not date a feminist. i dont mind whether she is an "uninvolved" feminist or a "card-carrying" one of any sort.