Closure Or Dignity?

About 2 years after my divorce I fell deeply in love with a guy I've now been dating long distance for 3 years. He says he loves me, but our relationship suffers from communication and trust issues. We have yet to meet each other's families, which he knows upsets me.
We had a long weekend at the beach last weekend during which he suggested seeing each other next month and even a beach week with our families next summer. I was unresponsive because I was upset over an incident, namely a picture of him with another woman on his iPhone screensaver which was inadvertently revealed when he was showing me something on his phone. I asked who she is and he said his girlfriend in a joking manner. I asked what he was doing with me! He then changed his story.
When we departed he thanked me for joining him at the beach and I was again unresponsive. That was Sunday and I've heard nothing from him since. I want to just forget about him, but after 3 years I need closure. I feel hurt and humiliated and worry that attempting to get closure will either make it worse, or continue an unhealthy situation. What should I do?


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  • I doubt you'll get closure so just move on and find another guy preferably close to you so you don't have the long distance issues


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  • Sometimes you don't get closure, you just move on. Don't settle on this guy, or hang onto him just because you don't want to feel at a loss. You can't lose what wasn't yours, and you can't stretch a tent into a mansion no matter how hard you try. Don't hang on to this guy any more if you're effort or feelings aren't being reciprocated. Let it go.


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  • U need to be clear about ur feelings tell him that ur confused, hear his side of the story, if u feel he's not being honest dont waste more of ur time with him