Dad is mad becuase my boyfriend isn't going to college... won't let me see him! Help?

My dad is mad rhat my boyfrirnd isn't in college yet. YET. Meaning he is first trying to get his own place and work before he goes to school. Which j think is a smart idea, but my dad thinks its stupid? Then im not allowed to see him. if my boyfriend coems over everyday my dad gets mad. All we do is eatch movies my dad isn't even bothered, yet he doesn't want him over. My suster barely even went to college! We are young as hell. We both just got out of high school. Im only going to college because im forced and also because I guess it can make me somewhat successful. (if I finish or know for sure what I want.) Im only doing what my dad wants me to. I dont like him. It doesn't matter who i date or even marry he won't accept them. Yet he likes my sisters boyfriend... Why can he have his girlfriend over whenever and I cant?


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  • As someone who is 28, and been through college once I wish I could talk to you dad about what happens to students who are forced into going to college even if they don't want to.

    As it stands right now your dad isn't changing his mind, but in fairness even though I agree he is wrong it is his house, so his rules. However, him forcing you to go college is such a terrible idea.


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  • I think your dad is right 😔


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  • Just talk to your dad.


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  • He just wants the best for you.
    Just tell him he always be your dad, but this is your life.
    You have to learn the lessons.
    If your boyfriend wants to work first, before going to college then let it be.
    Tell him he will go to college, he's just going a different path first.