Me and my girlfriend are about to reach our one year anniversary but i'am not sure what to get her, what do you girls like as a gift?

I got ger earings one time and some other things other times. The earings were for her birthday. So i'am not really sure what to get her now. I love to spoil her and she does the same so i was wondering what do you girls like as a gift?


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  • Well, what kind of things does she like? For example, if she likes the theatre, you could buy theatre tickets. If she likes the cinema, you can take her out on the day and treat her to the cinema tickets and spend the day together. Tailor it to her. Get her something that you know she'll love and put some thought into it. Of course, it's always cool to go with a pretty necklace (that's what my boyfriend did for our 6 month anniversary because it was a few days earlier than my birthday, so it was like a combined present), or just a nice meal, but it'd be cool if you could tailor it to her interests, to show that you know her really well :)

    • another girl said it but i could buy her a dress she might like, take her out for dinner and and movie. or i could buy her a nice necklace.

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    • My boyfriend's done that before :P He's like 'damn, how much of this have you eaten' and instantly I'm like 'wait, do you think I'm fat?' and he starts laughing and I'm like 'THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR JOKES' :)

    • lmao i like to tease my girlfriend, if we go out to eat, (usually she orders a smaller meal than me), i say "damn you, re going to all of that". then she is like "stop it, you ordered more than me!" XD it's fun sometimes. or even lol, that same night when she sat in my car so i can drive her home i was like "damn the whole car just bent, as soon as you sat in it".. lmao she got all mad and said "omg you weigh more than me" XD

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  • In my opinion it's more of a day to remember your first date when u first met its not as much of a selibration and most girls love to know that there guy loves and remembers so a good thing to do is show her u remember like if your first date was to the movies and a little restaurant than maybe do the same just with flowers and other little presents. Sorry if this don't help and I don't know your girl so I don't know what she likes this is just my opinion


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  • Candy or ice cream and snuggles

    • i kinda wanted to get her something worth value, everytime i go to the store with her i get her a chocolate bar lol. I brought her 5 one time and she was like "stop i'm going to get fat". i so took 3 and ate them right then and there lol

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    • Tea is the best

    • i persoanlly don't like tea. I think she likes it though so i could get tea for her too!!!

  • get her a really cute dress that maybe she's been talking about and take her out to somewhere nice so she can where it. or get her a cute necklace. think outside the box!

    • hmm seems like a good idea. I don't know much about dresses lol. I guss i could ask her which one she likes or something and go buy it and take her out that same night. i was initially thinking necklace too. i can either do a dress and very nice dinner, or for the same price as those i can get her a nice necklace... I don't know what do you think?

    • if anything do the cute dress and dinner and then if you end up still having left over money get her the necklace. doesn't have to be super expensive! my boyfriend bought my necklace at target and i wear it every day😂

    • haha, sure i can try that!!!

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