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Why would he just stop calling me all of a sudden?

hey my name is Lori..my problem is that I met this young man and we started talking and he called me everyday and texted me everyday also...then out... Show More

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  • As a guy, the best way I've found to get a message across to a woman is by not communicating. It's sad, but it's often hard to come up with the right way to say something, so saying nothing at all is typically easier. You can try sending a text back to him every now and then, but I'd prepare to move on.

    Here is my prime example for dropping communication. Often, women want too much at once. I personally get sucked into the friend category quite a bit. One "friend" is in a horrible relationship with a guy and for the past 4 months I've provided the shoulder to cry on (hoping that she'd get together with me eventually). Yesterday I decided to drop communication because I no longer can stay in this position for emotional reasons. Now I realize this is a really crappy thing to do to someone, but I don't know how else to get my message across.

    People often avoid hearing what they don't want to hear. People often avoid saying what they don't want to say. Sometimes it's easier not to say anything at all.

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  • Maybe something came up? or he's busy? Try calling him.

    Good Luck,

    - Harvey D

    • He is always busy actually that is what he told me,..but I spoke to him already and this is what he said he told me that he likes me and that he wants to get to know me but he is always busy and he doesn't want to commit to anything cause he doesn't have the time and he doesn't want to rush into anything....but I never asked him to rush into anything at all..i have kept it simple so what do you think I should do forget about him or try to be his friend?

    • Forget him. If you like someone you would do everything in your power to keep that relationship going. Like you have to put an effort in to it

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  • This is exactly what I'm going through as well. I want answers too!

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