Shy guys and first step as a girl?

So first of all I'm not a 100% sure if he's interested in me but it really seems like that and there's not really an other reason why he would text me. Also a lot of people think that he's interested.
1.) How can I get him to tell me?
2.) Do you mind if the girl does the first step?
3.) How should I ask him about his feelings?


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  • Well see if he is giving any signs... if he likes you or not...
    Then take him to a dinner or to his place or on a date and in the end.. bring up the question, if you want to take things further or not? You don't necessarily have to ask all the questions directly since he is shy... ask in a calm comfortable sweet way... you know.
    Girls taking first step is totally fine... but it's just that there will be confusion in the power bit it will can be sorted out by bringing rules to the relationship and as time pass by.
    Good luck👍


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  • Well I'm pretty shy and I've been in this situation.
    We were texting and I was being a little flirty. When he was flirty back I said to him soooo when are you asking me out?
    He responded with something like are you free Friday and we had dinner. Then afterwards he asked me on a second date and the rest was history

    Sometimes it's good to surprise people a little


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  • A. He probably won't tell you, unless you just straight up ask him to.

    B. He won't mind. Shy guys love that, because it takes the burden of rejection off of them (which is terrifyingly crippling).

    C. "Hey, do you like me" is a perfect way to ask.

  • You gotta do what you gotta do, and if that requires you to make the first move then so be it. I know a lot of girls who has made the first move, hell even my first girlfriend made the first move with me back when I was very shy. It is not uncommon.

    Now just be blunt about what you want to ask. It would be a lot better if you did it in person, but if you feel more comfortable over text then that should be fine.

  • 1) you ask him right out...
    2) It's the 21st century and girls can make the first move
    3) just say what you feel...

  • I'm not shy :D


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