What does it feel like to be in a relationship?

Like your emotions your thought process I'm curious cause i have never been


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  • For me, it's very comforting. I know that whenever I'm upset, there's someone there who knows me well enough to know how to calm me down, how to talk to me, what I should do about it because they know what's best for me and they can help me through something. I know that whenever I'm happy, there's someone there to share it with. I like knowing that I'm protected and looked after and that I'm loved, and I like knowing that I'm able to make someone else feel that way too. I like looking at him and just thinking 'I don't ever want to lose you' and him echoing it back at me. I love being in a relationship and being in a partnership with someone. For me, it's a great experience :)

    It can be a little irritating at some points though, I'm not going to say it's perfect. It can be annoying to share so much time with someone and lose so much privacy. You're always going to have fights over something and it's upsetting because sometimes you think that it's not supposed to be sad, but then you remember that everyone goes through this and that, after the fight, you're going to be okay.


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  • its horrible the gurl always expect you to bring breakfast to her every damn morning.. i mean comon... so yh single life is much better


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  • A good relationship is akin to taking care of your own car.

    A bad relationship is akin to taking care of a nasty bratty child.

  • I don't think I'd be the best person to explain it, because I'm naturally detached in relationships.

    To me, the guys seemed pretty annoying, like a pesky mosquito.

    I'm a very career oriented woman, so I kind of saw any relationship I was in as a distraction.


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