I'm curious as to why he is acting like this. Just wondering what you guys think.

My ex of one year broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. We have talked and decided to stay friends. He is now deployed, and has been deployed for about 2 months. I am the only person he actually talks so, and are very close. Since the breakup, we haven't talked much. We both love each other, but with me being in school, and him being very busy with work, we decided that it would be easier for both of us. So I can say that the breakup ended well. But I'm just curious, its something small, but still kind of bothers me. He erased all pictures of me on his Facebook, even the ones I'm tagged in. But he still has pics of him and his exes on there. I just hurts because it feels like he's cutting me out of his life. Maybe I'm just thinking to much into this haha..But why erase pics of me and him but still keep pics of him and his exes.


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  • The old talk about staying "friends". Hey it is good to end a relationship on a good note but it does not mean you will be best buds. I have no doubt that the breakup is hard for him even though he is the one who initiated it. Seeing your pics on Facebook when the two of you are no longer together AND it is so fresh, well that is hard. So, anyways, you are no longer together and all sorts of little weird things can happen right after a breakup that are awkward but as time goes on things will get better.


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  • It might be too painful for him to see them presently. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he had to break off the relationship. Like you, he is hurting, grieving and seeing pics of you and him only deepens the pain. I don't think it was done with malicious intent.

    He might be friends with the exes so he keeps them up. He is over those relationships but not you.

  • Probably because he really cared for you, and doesn't want to be sad when he sees your pics. He probably kept the other exs pics up because he either didn't care for them as much or they were only flings. This just showed that he cared about you and since it ended he wants to bury his feelings for you until he's normal again.