Why does it hurt so bad?

My boyfriend is graduating so I hardly get to spend time with him, it isn't his fault at all because I understand the stress that he's being put under to pass and everything and the exams he's going to be doing soon are really rough, but it actually just makes me feel so distanced from him because we get such little time together, I love him so much and he's such a wonderful person and I know it affects him too that we can't be together that often, but how do I get through the next few months without seeing him? As soon as he graduates, he's going on a three month holiday with his family as well. I would never give up on him no matter how little of each other we could see, because I care about him too much, but are there any things that you could suggest I could do in order to feel better about it all and less sad/lonely?


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  • Go out more with friends, get really good at something


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  • surround yourself with equal amounts of platonic love, and make sure that you keep the communication between you two up high. do. not. cheat. whatever ya do, focus on work/school/friends/family. keep yourself busy and get shit done. don't sit on your butt and be sad that he's gone, i've been there and it always makes me feel worse.


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