He forgot about our first date?

Yeah. So on Tuesday he asked me out for Saturday night. We texted all week, and even hung out a bit on Wednesday. Come Saturday morning I send him a text asking what the plan is for the night, and he says that he forgot. I said fine, we can improvise (trying not to make him feel bad, he does work long hours). He said he's too tired to do anything and to forget about it. If he had been working the day before (he works 12 to 15 hour shifts) I would have been lenient, but he had gone drinking and hanging out with his buddies until 2 am, and he still had plenty of time to take a nap or get an energy drink or whatever before the night. I don't expect to be a guys first priority, but I do expect to be in the top 10 at least.

I'm thoroughly angry, but I try really hard to be understanding when it comes to situations. Should all be forgiven, or should I forget about him?

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  • Sorry, that's seriously crappy on his part. I'd never do something so stupid, so he deserves what he's going to get.


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  • Forget this guy!

  • If he went drinking and not out with you, I would forget him.

    It's hard to tell maybe you could give one more chance, but last chance.


What Girls Said 1

  • He messed up on date 1? Yeah, don't even start with him. Now is your chance to just walk away without emotional damage. So forget him.