Girls, under 25 please, how much does a guys hair factor into attraction?

I'm a guy who at 19 lost about half my hair to a benign condition, so I have choice but to shave it bald, now women always say looks don't matter but I've seen so many 'eww's 'gross's 'yuck's about my not having hair by young women I find very attractive and approach or talk to (casual settings as well) even though I pull it off well hair seems to be a must for most decent girls (don't take me saying you aren't if you don't mind it, I've never seen ya) and I realize given my own standards its a recipe for for being alone, so girls I want to know just how much does hair factor in? Assuming it's well kept of course, is it a big part of attraction? How much does it affect how you look at a young guy? If a guy had no hair like me would be a turn off this young? ( I'm 20) Be honest girls I admit looks matter and respect you needing them in a partner too. I just want to know about the hair fascination, and why it's so important to have :(


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  • Nope not a big factor at all! Some guys really rock the look, though apparently there's some new trend where you can get a tatt that looks like a buzz cut... Up to you!
    @CincinnatiRedsfan hairQ#4 last one I promise lol

    • This one is funny, because he specifically wants girls under 25 to answer (which doesn't matter too much.)

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    • Well has it affected your relations with women?

    • thanks for mh :)


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  • Whatever your hair status is, make it work for you and own the look. Decide to love it, whatever it is.

    • Yeah but I know nobody else my age who is bald. Now I mean mine is shaved yes and I'm sorry I can't accept it if no girl who's attractive can't, looks so matter I realize that

  • Many bald guys can be very hot.. and attractive.. don't worry..

  • It matters a lot

    • So no hair would be an issue?

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    • Well the attraction has to be there, I wouldn't date a plain girl who just 'didn't care about baldness' you know, I shouldn't have to drop standards since the hair is gone and say 'well I'm bald, now I'll just have to accept anything' no I'm still going to have my own standards too and the two combined means I probably won't find one

    • Well of course you shouldn't. But there's plenty of chicks who dont care or find it attractive. Its not really a deal breaker for most chicks, especially if you are already attractive overall

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  • Tbh I don't think they mind that much, as long as it's stylish. I knew a guy in my class who used to pull a lot and he had completely shaved sides whilst the hair on the top was really long and then he had a long pony tail.

    • Well my is completely cue ball bald, only choice I got

    • Lots of women like bald guys, maybe it suits bigger/muscley men but remember the only people who are going to notice that your hair is different is the ones who know you already. If you're meeting a new girl she'll never know.

    • I'm a slender guy, average height but no muscle really despite working out, people tell me my face and head rock it but the same skin/hair/nails doc who diagnosed the hair condition also told me my skin is basically one step above ginger, I can't tan no matter how much time I spend in the sun. So I'm pale also. And either way the eww's, ecks, and grosses are all I hear from girls