There is a girl who told me that she has a crush on me, Should I tell her that I'm on dating?

I'm not in any relationship but on dating right now and she doesn't know about it. Give it a chance or not? Also tell her the truth or not?


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  • Sure, tell her the truth.

    There's no rejection that could possibly happen here.

    You both are interested in each other.

    • Also, what do you mean by "on dating"? Do you mean "dating someone else?"
      You shouldn't mention that.
      Usually, people that date explore the fields before they find someone who is worth being official with.
      When people date they don't exclusively see one person.
      That is sort of expected.

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    • The fact that you keep it in secret makes it bad.
      The fact that you also make it seem like they are the only one, is also wrong in my opinion.
      Although you are not exclusive with either, you are being deceptive hiding it in my opinion.
      When dating, I am usually open about the fact that I am exploring my options.
      You wouldn't have dug a hole so deep if you were honest.
      When you date people, you date for a short while (and then eliminate the person you at least compatible with).
      You don't let things progress to the length of where you fall in love with both of these girls.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Tell her the truth

    • Don't want to be the guy who misses opportunities.

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