Guys, if u don't text a girl for a week, u are not interested anymore?

and let's say u have been on dates with this girl, but now u are long distance. And she's been the one who is been initiating contact lately.


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  • Don't text her back or don't text her first? There's a difference.

    If he isn't texting you back, ya he's moved on. If he isn't texting you first, then I don't think there's anything to worry about.

    • both

    • If he doesn't text you back at all, and he didn't tell you he's out of town or something, he's probably not interested.

    • he answers. it just that he dropps it after we talk for a few hours or say I'll talk to u later. And yes he did told me he moved to another city, and we said we were going to keep in touch. but like I said before, I'm the one who is initiating most of the times.


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  • Well, not really. I might not text her sometimes cause I'm busy or we just haven't talked in a while and don't know what to to say yet.

    • it shouldn't be the other way around? when u are constantly talking to someone u may be run out of stories...

    • Sometimes I rung out of words to say, but I wouldn't not text her on purpose.

  • I guess either he couldn't find anything interesting to say so decided it's better than say something daily, or he enjoys the feeling of being chased.

  • depends if I like the girl or not

    • u are suppossed to like her, cuz u were like a couple before leaving.