Should I give up or not?

So I've known this girl for about 2 months now, and I would say things were looking pretty great. We mainly texted each other, but there were a few signs of interest. Anyway a few days ago I asked her out last minute for lunch, but she declined saying she's alrd going with her friends. Undeterred, 2 days later I asked whether she wanted to study together the next day. She declined again saying she was alrd studying with a friend whom she made plans with way earlier. What's weird is she tried to continue the conversation by asking how was my day after the decline. I'm not sure whether it was because she just felt sorry/guilty for me or whatever. Now I don't want to be THAT guy who ends up being known as a creep, but I want to give it one last shot and ask her to the movies or something like a week in advance. Both times I was rejected she didn't offer an alternate time, so I don't know really, third time's gonna be the confirmation

She's a really sweet girl so I get she doesn't want to anger her friends but if the third time she says she's got plans I get the hint lol


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  • The best thing to do is state the obvious in this situation. Because tbh only a real creep keeps trying and thinks everything is okay and she's still into him and everything's going to work out. Just text her and say "alright.. is this your attempt at friendzoning me? Or are you actually this busy? wait for her response... Usually if she's acting like its way funnier than it is, and slightly hinting that you hit the jackpot with the friendzoning, step back and reevaluate. If the response is synonymous for "hahahaha!!! Omg!!! *but really... Awkward... Hahahaha" then yeah you've crossed into the friend zone. But if she says "aw, no! Seriously I really do want to hang out.. What about Saturday for coffee?" Then you're in the clear. plus, then it kind of takes the pressure off of you, cause now she picks the day of the date so even if she is just hella busy, you know for certain the day she picks she'll actually be free. Best of luck boiiii


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  • Texting always give girls an easier way of getting out of things, even if they don't want to. I would try calling her and asking her out so when she rejects you, she has to say it, not just text like you were nothing. Either you call or text, your question should still be the same, "What is your schedule like this week?" If she tells you she doesn't have any time, then she's not interested. But if she says that she is available, then you're golden. Remember, girls need the opportunity to no get in their own way. Be bold and courageous. If she's not into you, move on. I give a girl two weeks to meet me before I move on so I applaud your commitment. A girl will always make time for a guy they want.


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  • Dude you asked if she could hang out and she said no because she had prior plans. Ask her ahead of time and you'll be a lot more successful. The sooner you say "hey by the way we should go out for a date because I like you" the better off you'll be.


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  • Take it slow dude don't go fast try to be understanding. take step by step. But don't loose the hope who you love or who you like so go ahead best of luck.