I met this guy and why hasn't he called/texted?

Friday, I met this guy at a party and we ended up making out but before I could really talk to him I had to leave, but the next day I saw I had a friend request on Facebook from him. Saturday, my friends and I went up the next day and the same thing happen we made out I left.. I messaged him on Facebook casually talking and I gave him my number, its been two days why haven't I heard from him and he's having party this weekend.. what do I do?


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  • maybe he's not looking for anything serious and he might be scared you want to make it more serious by giving him ur number and making him call you,my advice is you need to talk to him and set things straight so you understand each other and know what you both want to do.


What Girls Said 1

  • he just wanted to get laid, you saw him once when you first met, you had to leave, he's like oh crap I'll try another time, he searched you on Facebook (and by saying "friend request" on Facebook, one does not mean he/she actually wants to be your actual friend), saw you a second time, made out, oops you had to leave, again.. well he got tired, he needed to get laid, didn't happen twice, he'll try to make the magic happen with someone else he'll meet at a party, super market, starbucks, even church:O.. I think that's how it is, I'm sorry, and if do get news from him, well good for you!