Who do I choose?

I have really only ever had two girlfriends. One was amazing, I was so happy with her.. we always played around and she was kinda my perfect want of a relatitonship. We shared hobbies, she was always happy, she was beautiful! I really really liked her and we had a good relationship going, than she moved away and I never got a message. The other girl was awesome, I also was happy with her not to the extent of the other girl though. she always happy and we had a good relatinship but we were very different we had very little in common. Do I wait and try and find a way to mssage the first girl? Or forget the past and follow the other girl? Thanks!


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  • You never got the message from the first girl? Why would you want someone like that in your life? She clearly doesn't care.

    As for the second girl... having little in common doesn't mean it's worse than having a lot in common, You think about how she makes you feel, if you can trust and talk to her about anything, if you think anything alike... For example... I had two guys in my life to choose from... with one I had a lot in common and he got real boring real fast, because he had no depth. The other one was pretty much the opposite from me, we had pretty much nothing in common, bu we had those heated debates and it was awesome...

    I can't tell you what you like and want though, because we're all different. Take time and decide and when you're sure... get the right girl and forget about the other,


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  • I think the first one was a better pick.


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  • Forget the past, they're ex's for a reason, but if you guys are meant to be there will be a way for you two to reconnect. However.. Try to move on and make yourself happy you can't focus on the past in your future x


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