Does it mean anything?

I was talking to this guy I like last night and he asked me if I think there is such a thing as a one true match. " Someone who you connect with on every level." I really like him and sometimes he flirts but I don't know what or if he means anything by it.


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  • ... Sometimes he flirts.
    I am Not reading Too much into what he has said here, dear. With him once in a while, being a flirt, the writing on the wall and all is spelling out that maybe he Respects you just in asking your Opinion in General as a Woman... A hypothetical question for laughs and giggles.
    Don't take this to heart until he shows More in Store With... Asking you out as a date or even A... Mate.
    Good luck. xx


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  • The guy asked the question, because he is being curious about about how the relationship will be by trying to feel you. That way, he can evaluate you and himself based on how you respond and use his instincts to decide whether the chemistry between you guys is right or not.

  • He might like you.