What is your definition of rebounding?

What does this mean to you. And when do you know that you are rebounding and not ready for someone new yet? Or when do you know you are not rebounding and ready for someone new?


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  • Do you hold anger or resentment towards your ex? Do you still become upset or angry when you think about what happened?

    Rebounding can be the result of many things after a break up. You might be sad and wanting comfort. You might have been in a harsh relationship and you are looking for someone of the opposite caliber. You might just be angry and be getting back at your ex. So many possible causes for a rebound.

    You will always feel some amount of emotion when you think of the past relationship and break up. You have to decide when that level of emotion is low enough for you to be in a healthy relationship and not a rebound fling. That is the only way to be fair to yourself and the other person.

    • I have passed the point of being angry or upset upon the past. Sure some times it might just make me ponder but I believe I have passed the main hurdle of my breakup


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  • I haven't been in a relationship, but I believe its a feeling where you go out with someone else, because you got dumped or something, and you feel for getting revenge against your ex, and I think you know your not rebounding when you had time to forget about your ex, and see the ex's disadvantages, and actually find interest in others than just seeking revenge.

  • Personally, I see a person is rebounding when they get swept along into a new relationship where their head isn't even in it, you know you aren't rebounding when your head is clear and your calm and ask somebody out etc.