When you are introduced to one of your girlfriends older female work Colleagues, is following an insult or a compliment?

Went into my girlfriends workplace (retail), and one of the older women colleagues asked if I was her boyfriend. Then she said, that I was 'lucky to have such a fine young woman, and I should thank my lucky stars'.

No one has said this before, so I was just wondering was that an insult at me (that she's out of my league (I've never felt this)), or a compliment ( that she's a keeper)?


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  • No, she was not insulting you at all. She would have said that to any guy that walked in and said that he was her boyfriend. She mentioned that your girlfriend was a fine young woman - indicating that she thinks highly of her, so anyone that has her is very lucky person, as your girlfriends must be a really awesome person. Basically any guy would be lucky to have her and you hit the jackpot because you've got a good girl.

    I do understand why you wonder if there was any negative to the compliment because I do that too. Nowadays there are so many backhanded compliments out there... In all cases all you have to do is gauge the women's personality if she did not seem like a rude, cold disrespectful person there's no need to worry. Plus since she does not know you she wouldn't have a reason to insult you.

    • Thanks for the comment! You totally understand. There are some backhanded comments out there today... But yeah this woman thought very highly of her and for good reason.

      No she did not seem rude, just very forward, I guess she just caught me off guard.

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  • I think that means you are lucky to have found such a girl, which is a compliment to your girlfriend.


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  • I don't think it was meant as an insult OR a compliment toward you - it was meant as a compliment toward your girlfriend. She was basically just saying that your girlfriend is a great catch and you are lucky to be the one who caught her...

    • Yeah I'd be inclined to agree! I think we are a attractive couple and she is lovely. So more of a general comment rather than a jibe?

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  • Sounds like it was just a compliment. I wouldn't read too much into it.