Girls, if you ever dated a jerk, how long were you with him? My crush is dating one and refuses to break up with him?

She broke up with him a month & a half into the relationship because he did drugs behind her back, and then went back to him after three months when he got out of prison for meth; she then broke up with him again six months later when he cheated on her, called her 'fat' and straight-up told her he'd mess with other girls if they took a break, and she went back to him again two weeks later; a year later (a month ago), she broke up with him a THIRD time... and then went back to him a THIRD time, and shortly before then, he pushed her during an argument with her.

I'm about ready to throw her aside as far as feelings; she was the first girl I ever asked out, January of last year being when I did it. How long were you with a jerk, if you ever were?


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  • I'm going to break up with him right away I think that girl really loves that jerk


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  • I dated one for a few months.