What are the reasons girls lose interest?

If you are very attracted to a guy hook up with him, and have sex with him. What are a few reasons you would lose interest?


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  • If he only cares about sex and not her feelings that is an issue. If a guy doesn't tell the girl what his intentions are before they get too invested. Maybe the girl wants to explore her options by playing the field and the guy she had sex with wasn't her type. It could also be possible she doesn't see the guy she had sex with as dating material. It is also possible she just wants to mess around without have any attachment or feelings involved, due to getting stomped on in the past.

    It all also depends on how many times they have hooked up as well. If it was multiple maybe she got bored and wanted something different, but didn't want to tell the guy and hurt him. It is also possible she didn't see anything else in the future not even friends with benefits. If it was one time she just wanted to get her sexual needs met and that was her only goal along with bragging rights if the guy was hot.

    • Only hooked up 2x, and after the first and second time, she was texting like crazy. Then the day before our next date she is going cold and giving really weak responses.

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    • Yeah, were talking like 4 hour text delays now, with low content. Do you suggest I just give her space and call to make a bold date proposal in a few days? or not a good ideA?

    • I would personally back off give her space and possibly send her a "Hey!" text in a week or so. If she replies send her a proposal and if she doesn't seem interested than drop her.

      Good luck with everything! I am just telling you all this stuff from experience.


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  • I am not a girl who sleeps around. The one time I had sex before I should have, I did lose interest because he didn't seem to want more from me. We had this night full of passion and great sex, and talked afterwards wanted to go out more or whatever, and he started making excuses and then it just stopped. I met my boyfriend and fell for him, but two months latter (when my boyfriend and I weren't yet a couple) the sex guy contacted me again, telling me all of the right things (stuff he should have said two months ago). I told him I didn't want him I totally lost interest. Yes, I had met my boyfriend, but I slept with him and he didn't care, (or it felt that way to me), it didn't matter, that was enough for me to lose interest. So if you have sex with a girl and you want more or think you want more... tell her, and act on it THEN.

  • Maybe the sex wasn't good and she didn't like it


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  • If they feel that you like her so much and you will never cheat on her they lose

  • dumb sloots are dumb sloots. as dumb are those men who waste time on thier tempera-mental azzez... .

    • Good point, i need to just eliminate all cares until a later time