Do your dates usually text you up until the date?

I went out on a date with this guy n we ended up sleeping together. The next day he texted me n said he enjoyed our time together n asked to see me again. We ve made plan to meet this coming sat. He doesn't text me again after that. Usually guys text the girls before they meet up again right? Before our first date he didn't really text either. He only texted to make plan. He was great on date really talkative fun etc. Just dun understand why he doesn't text...


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  • I just agree when and where and leave it at that, I don't wanna look clingy! lol

    • Aw dun do that text the girl at least once a day or every other day in between. I felt great after our first date n was happy he asked me out for the 2nd but because he doesn't text me in between im not sure if he's interested or just wanna see me for sex.

    • Yeah but if you're too available like that girls go off you, trust me it's what happens!

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  • There are no rules to it.


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  • mine does fam, you get me fam?

  • probably because he just wanted sex

    • Really? We did lots of activities on our first date like drinking & gambling together n he asked me out for dinner for the 2nd date. Guys do this to have sex?

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