Whats is the definition of a rebound?

My girl broke up with me in mid Feb, She started talking to him before we broke up and she even went to see him on valentines day. We lived together too by the way. She is now dating him and spending every weekend with him. She is taking the kids over to his house and everything. Is this a rebound relationship? This has been a very difficult time because she has told me from the time we broke up that she wants space to think about things. With this guy in the picture, its been hard to do that. Will she get sick of him when the "NEW" wears off and see that she made a mistake?


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  • Actually, if she has been talking to him way before you guys broke up. It's not considered a rebound.

    For it to be considered a rebound, either you would have had to break up with her or cheat on her. If you still have feelings for the person who you broke up with and know you can't be with them again, you would fill in that void and go out with someone just because you're lonely. That's when the person becomes a rebound.

    You never know what will happen. As much as you wish the "new" guy would just bug off, it won't just magically happen. I'm sure she's bound to feel that she made a mistake.


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  • Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. She may not leave this guy, and if she does, she may just find another. Sorry, but you'll just have to put everything you go into getting her back.