How long should I wait until I start dating someone else after breaking up?

I wad dating this guy for a year..but we broke up..I feel like I'm over him some what but still not all the way. I also feel like if I get in a relationship with someone else I can get over him.. what should I do?


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  • You should probably spend a little time of your formative years single so you can learn and grow individually. Dating is for people in college, after they already know what they are looking for, because they have grown up.

    Enjoy some time to yourself. Don't worry about dating right now.


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  • Do whatever your heart tells you to do.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • i'd advise you not to go out with your girlfriend in order to find guys, but just wait tilll it comes, just like your ex came into your life at some point in your life.. that could happen tomorrow, in the next month or year, no one knows, but if you get to meet a really great guy you like in the near futur, don't think about it twice, life goes on..