Scared of losing?

Are there any other people here who are absolutely terrified of losing their boy- or girlfriend? I know I am... It's kind of stupid since my boyfriend assures me every single time that I've got nothing to be afraid of, that he's never going to leave me or dump me for someone else, but still... The thought of losing him scares the shit out of me.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?😓


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  • Fear is one of the most primal emotions that humans have. That is our way of sensing danger early and protecting ourselves from danger and distress. And the fear of losing something not yet lost isn't that obscure as you would think. Not everything lasts, such as relationships. Is this your first real relationship? Chances are, it will fail, but that isn't a reason to be afraid or even panic of what might come in the future. Fear is usually based on what is to come, what might come, what should come. All based on the future. A few seconds or several years. Fear can be a helpful tool in our arsenal of emotions, but it is also one of the most destructive ones as well. If you keep worrying about something, your subconscious is bound to attempt it's completion, it's call self fulfilled prophecy. You think something might end up a certain way, so your mind starts to engineer a way for it to happen. It's energy that is being put into practice on a real level, even if you don't realize it's happening. Don't worry, this is easily fixed, because we have other emotions. Happiness. Happiness is an emotion that fills us up in the moment. It is happening right now. You're in a relationship that you are enjoying. So feel that joy and focus on being positive, even grateful for what you have. Keep your feet planted in the present. Don't worry about the future, if you're going to lose him or not. He's here now. Every one is worried about losing the one they're with. But you can't let this fear consume you. Stay strong and positive and everything will work itself out


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  • I'm scared of de-taching myself from my woman... I find it almost impossible to attach myself to people or things but I am deeply attached to her

  • yh fam you are not the only one, you get me fam?


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