Am I loser because I can't get a girlfriend?

Most of my male friends from my group have girlfriends. I'm the only one that doesn't have one and people see me as the loser of that group smh

I'm also a 4th year college student with two jobs (one at a High school as a tutor and the other at Wal Mart as an unloader. It sucks that people look at me like that because it just hurts my self esteem.


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  • No you aren't a loser at all, they just like to show off at the fact that they have a girlfriend. People need to realize that not having a lover doesn't make you a failure. Can I ask what is the status on your relationship with girls, like do you want to be in a relationship and struggling or just not something important right now?

    • I don't know to be honest. I've been told I'm handsome, but I don't believe it because it would be easier for me to get girls.

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    • I will. I just hate getting ridiculed for it. Feels like my self esteem takes a huge hit.

    • Guys will be guys sometimes not all maybe as understanding and think its alrigh to joke about, just keep your chin and remember that will find someone you like eventually

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  • oh no no, not at all!


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  • no just lower your unrealistic standards.

  • No your not a loser.


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