Keep dating the guy who never ever compliments me or not?

I have known (been texting and stuff) this guy for about a year and now it has been almost a month since we started dating. And even we already got intimate. It has been long time for me without liking someone and enjoying the time together until I started seeing him :) However, there is one problem. He never compliments me! He actually always make fun of me in a joking mood. But, still it seems like if I keep dating him, I may even lose my confidence. So, should i or should I not stick with this guy? P. S. Every other guy that I have ever dated or has been interested in me always compliments me. And I am not bragging but I think I am a beautiful girl as far as I am concerned. lol


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  • Imagine dating a person who never tells you that they love you. Ever. Does this mean they don't love you? Of course not. People have their own styles of love, and their own love langues. My last girlfriend didn't tell me she loved me until a year and a half into the relationship. But she show me she loved me through her actions. I'm certain you've heard of the five love languages: Acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and (yours) words of affirmation. Now, people sometimes need to hear that the person they're in love with, expresses that verbally. I'm more of a quality time, physical touch. So when my girlfriend never complimented me or told me she loved me, it wasn't that big of a deal because she met my love language. Clearly, you need to hear these things, so talk to this guy and talk about the love languages and see which ones he is. And tell him which ones you are. I wouldn't worry about it right now, and stick with him. Just because he doesn't meet this requirement, doesn't mean he isn't a great guy.

    • Thanks for the helpful advice :) But, I am generally talking about the little things. Like "You look pretty today" when I have put some effort to look nice to him. I mean just I have never heard him saying "nice" word about me. ANd it makes me confused. I feel like he doesn't really like me. But then he texts me everyday and stick with me and that makes me think that he likes me.

    • Guys should be a little more aware of the needs of women. Women need to be recognized for the effort that they do on a daily level. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, even all of the extensive skin conditioning, fitness and health, it's quite incredible that girls even bother with guys considering most of us just role out of bed, get dressed and go. The truth is, I loved complementing my girlfriends for the work that they did. And I always made sure to compliment the things that they actually worked on, like your fingernails look awesome, rather than you have a nice face. You do deserve to be complimented, it isn't just something that you want, you need it. Human needs to feel wanted and desired. Compliments are important, but please level with the guy, that he might not get it. Most guys don't. Remember, if you want something from a guy, you really need to tell him. Even then, no guarantees.

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  • He doesn't like you if he's not complimenting.


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  • I personally don't like giving compliments because it contributes to a big ego on a girl. I'll give the rare compliment but only when she looks really nice.


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