Does this actually mean anything?

My boyfriend is a very quiet guy. We met at work and all was good. Then I realized he was texting his other female friend a lot. He don't have a lot of other guy friends he has his main buddies but not many others so I didn't think much of it... but I noticed he has been saying flirtatious things to her and he calls her hun all the time and you can almost feel the feelings through the texts.


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  • I think it's disrespectful and in very bad taste of him. I'd tell him you don't like it and if he won't stop dump him. Ask how he'd like it if it were reversed


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  • It could mean something, for some reason people who are quiet and timid, often have trouble pushing away attention, so she may just be giving him more attention and he's loving it. (jerk) So it could.. but at the end of the day he's with you, but whose to say xx