Im still hurt by this?

This guy who i used to hangout made me feel like shit for not liking him. He used to tell me ''no one ever listens to me and he does'' that im not worthy of him'' that i'm stupid and dont understand things'' that i wasn't worth much because in his eyes i was ''damaged''. He made me feel low about myself that still after a year i hear those things he said to me... he rejected me and said i only wanted sex with him while i never had sex with him (im a virgin) He tried to make me feel like no guy will ever accept me and he will ONLY accept me if i have sex with him. He said i was ''incredibily stupid'' for letting him go... why is he such an evil person? i still can't forget him.


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  • Sound like the smartest move you ever made dumping that prick


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  • Why don't you see a therapist about this?