Guys would you mind if a girl asked you what you want in terms of the relationship?

For example I just asked the guy I've been having a thing with for the past year or so what he actually wants from me and it's kinda funny to me because he's like don't ask me what I want when I don't know how to get it. Whatever that means honestly and he's in a relationship and it just became to much. I think after a certain point of no labels it's healthier to start labeling things... That way no one is heartbroken or disappointed because they each know what to expect.


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  • It is really important to define the relationship early on, or after a certain amount of time has past (like a year) you can't just assume that you are dating. You might be in your head, but it might not be what he's thinking or even has in mind. At this juncture in your relationship, he's already been conditioned into thinking that not having a label gives him a sense of freedom. As for the actual question, I would be very happy for a girl to talk to me about what is going on for the relationship and what we both are expecting in terms of dating now and for the future. Communication is extremely important and we do a lot better when everyone is on the same page.


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  • he is in a relationship as well as you?

    • No only him.

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    • ok then he wants to have his cake and eat it... asking him is meaning he would have to potentially dump her. I hate to tell you this, if he was going to he would have done it already.

      While it s possible you guys are having a relationship also, he is with this other girl and won't leave her which suggests you deserve more...


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  • Nope. I like organizes relationships.

  • If they don't ask me I ask them. If you aren't on the same page about that better to end it.


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