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My girlfriend graduated hs. Lately she's been liking her ex-classmates status/post/pics a lot. Example he will write "I only want a down female that won't games" and she'll like that status. Another time my girlfriend took a pic of her new car and he said it was nice. My girlfriend then replied with a "yeah we should go for a spin soon". He then talked about how he was going to get a new car as well and put a custom turbo exhaust. My girlfriend then put the "in love emoji face and wrote i can't wait till i see it dude".

They don't hang out at all or text just online talk but this is exactly how cheating starts/ you see it in the movies. Could my girlfriend like this? it's almost as if guy is too blind to see it or either they are really good hs friends.


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  • Get off of social media! You are about to drive yourself crazy & ruin your relationship over nothing.


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  • Mate, take it easy!
    You have reasons to be worried, sure, I can understand that, what your Girlfriend is doing are things that make a Boyfriend think but don't jump to conclusions, instead, talk to her and let her know how you feel! After all, what is a relationship or being more than just friends if its not to share your feelings and emotions with your significant other? So let he know how you feel, she can't read minds and nor can you so talk it over before you think yourself to death

    Best of wishes, mate, take it easy and I hope this turns out to be nothing, if you wanna talk to anything, you know where to find me :)


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  • She is just being social


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  • personally i believe they r just being playful. after all u say "they don't hang out at all"... so no probs.

    i guess u shouldn't take seriously wot she's writin in social media unless u've got some clearer signs she's playin on u