What does X mean?

hi guys, i just been texting woth a cute guy for a month now. unfortunately we couldnt meet yet cuz he's in London and i'm in Germany but when i was in London we planned to meet but he was truly sorry when he couldnt make it due to unexpected work.
Anyway it sems he likes me but i can't tell for certain.
How can girls find out if a guy they like also likes them?
And most importantly, if a guy texts "Blonde suits you x"
after i sent him a pic of my new hair colour, what does this "X" mean?


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  • Well, xoxo means hugs and kisses. Maybe the x means hug? Or a mistype? Or he meant to do XD and forgot the D

    • so how can i find out wether he likes me through texting the way i like him? any signs to watch out for or is there any way i could test him to find out?

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    • how could i ask him in the less blunt way?

    • You could ask if there's anyone he likes right now

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  • X means kisses. You know some people use xoxo quite often. It means ine hugs and kisses

    • so either he tried to make up for the past 2 days where he didn't send a single text or he likes me? any signs i can dertermine which one of both is the case? cuz i really like him...

    • Honestly, it's kind of difficult to tell cause I don't know anything about you and him. But, if you really like him, why don't you make another plan to meet him? If he likes you, he would definitely meet you :)

    • i would if i wasn't in Germany for an uncertain periode of time :(


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  • Just means a kiss... I do it a lot to female friends that I text.

    • so nothing special? how can indetermine if he might like me through texting? cuz i really like him but haven't told him yet

    • well I wouldn't say 'Nothing special' cos I always put a couple of kisses on my daughters texts.
      It does sound like he likes you too (reading what little you typed). Why not just tell him how you feel?

    • because 1st i found it a bit confusing and i was a bit disappointed when he didn't text for 2 days and 2nd: we unfortunately haven't met yet...
      what would be the less blunt way to tell him? cuz i wouldn't just wanna blur out sth like "i really like you." might scare him away? :/

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  • Have a habit of always putting "x" after a text or sentence etc. basically means affection, a "kiss" when used at the end of a letter or other correspondence. etc

    • so in case that means that he might like me then, how could i determine more specifically wether he really likes me and didn't put 'x' "just so" without any meaning?

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    • how could i let him bim know that i like him without being too blunt?

    • You don't have to say directly that you like him but you can compliment him x

  • Doesn't X mean like hug? or was it the kiss part of xoxo. I don't remember.

    Anyways if your wondering that much. Ask him straight up.

  • It's a kiss!

  • He is being affectionate over text

    • so he probably likes me? well he didn't reply for two days before today so i'm a bit confused cuz i actually like him

    • Not necessarily. I mean the fact that he didn't attempt to see you while you were in his home country is a bit odd. He could just be appeasing you because he wants the attention

    • he actually wanted to meet but his unexpected work schedule crossed the plan.. and really from the photos i saw of him i dont think he's such a kind of guy..