Live at home or move out and be broke?

im 23 and i hate the city i live in but i still live with my mom (im a student and i work) while i live here and no trouble with being broke, but now i found a place at a new city bigger but i will be broke even with a job because i m a student... what would you do? stay at home? im a girl by the way


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  • All you can do is literally write down the pros and cons of each place then go from there. Good luck

    • what would you do

    • If things were good at home I'd probably stay but if there's too many rules especially having a boyfriend stay the night then I'd leave

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  • Live home.

    Be smart about it and save.
    In due time you will be able to afford living on your own.

    There's no rush.


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  • How is this even a question if you can't afford it? Should I buy a Ferrari and starve or not buy a Ferrari and eat?

  • I suggest leaving the city and get a job in another city or out in the countryside.


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