Guys, my crush is sending me mixed signals. (shy guy) Can somebody help?

Ok so its this guy I like for a while now and he knows that I like him but I dont know if he likes me back. He is kinda quiet but I see him talk to other people and he seems comfortable but around me he doesn't say anything to me he just stares at me and when i look he looks away so we have lunch together and he always picking on me and leaning on me you know kinda cute stuff and our friend tells me that he wants to date me but hasn't asked me yet its been a whole school year and I don't know if he was joking or if he was serious because with him nobody can tell. Im also a quiet girl I dont say much and i get really nervous around him and I just stand there and smile. and his friends always ask me whats going on with you and... and I say I don't know, they tell us that we are "the couple" & taking pics of us walking together. His cousin is trying to get us together and it isn't working. We only text unless I say something first. He face timed me for the first time one day but it was only because his friends probably told him to. There are some times where he doesn't want to talk to me or text me back and its so confusing.


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  • It sounds like he likes you if he's leaning on you and finding ways/reasons to touch you. That means they are drawn to you. He's just as or even more nervous and shy about it than you. Asking you out is not only hard but its like a matter of taking on a sort of identity in itself. You might have to be a little bold yourself and suggest an activity to spend some time together. Once those walls come down then everything tends to come naturally after that. This is all just teenage angst. Recruit your own friends to talk to him and spur him into action. Even giving overwhelming evidence that you are into him guys can still irrationally fear being outright rejected. I used to be like that. Having a girlfriend of yours confirm to him that he has the green light will be enough to get over it.


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  • Get him alone and talk to him. If he keeps wanting to make jokes slap him and tell him this is serious. If he won't get serious then dump him and never look back. It isn't fair of him to toy with your heart

    • Thanks for the advice. I'll try and talk to him alone.

  • How bout you quit being so mean, malicious and insidious by asking him very every plainly, Will you go out with me, or Can we go on a date? God dang! Break the fucking cycle, girl! Shit damn. When I'm dam well ready. guys like to b chassed, esp
    shy guys and virgins. pisses me the fuck off literally, in my sleep. H's probably still a virgin, so you need to be slow or not take things so definite. A date is just a date, not you owe me several mins. of attention next time I see you busy. Or ask simply when can we talk and do stuff again.

    Reason B: If he liked you once, he definitely like you again! God fucking dang! He could have temporarily changed his mind, because ssss MAYBE he knows that once he starts fucking, he needs Basic Realable Assets, like phone car and property. Because you need a break from work cause it make anyone sick who is addicted to that concept, therefore by giving you the downlow you need rest.

    • First of all who tf you talking to? I just asked a simple fucking question. Ain't nobody ask you to write a damn essay dont be rude about it DAMN! & second im in high school who just wants to know if this nigga like me. The fuck are you talking about "you need a break from work" & "basic realable assets" stfu. Just bye 😂