So confused about an ex that I left on good terms with?

So my ex and I started dating in feb and broke up at the end of June. We only broke up because he didn't think he'd be coming back to school next semester because his grandpa isn't doing well and he was gonna stay home with him. However, he later found out he can't skip a semester and that he will be going back to school, but he said that we should stay apart and reconnect when school starts again. After college ended for both of us, we had to switch to a long distance thing and we were gonna take a break starting like mid/late June because he was working all the time and didn't have time to talk to me (he has two jobs). We talk once or twice a week on the phone, but i'm just confused about some things about him. For one, he goes out every single night and drinks and crashes at his co-workers places (guys and girls). Secondly, he unfollowed me on twitter and instagram, even though he still follows other exes (including one that was horrible and broke up with him because he didn't have enough money). Also, some of the stuff he says bothers me, things like "oh you don't have to deal with x, y, z anymore" or "hows looking for another guy going?" I just worry he's gonna find another girl and push me aside or already has. He doesn't seem the type, but do you think it's possible he would find another girl and pursue her, even though we left on great terms and we care so much about each other? I'm just confused and I was wondering what people's opinions were on the situation. I just keep overthinking everything and thinking the worst. Thanks in advance.


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  • He is checking in and second guessing his decision to leave you


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  • He doesn't want you anymore. Please, get over him and stop instilling yourself with false hopes.