Does my girlfriend wanna break up or am I just paranoid?

Me and my girlfriend were talking and joking around then i acted upset when she didn't like my comment on Facebook (i was kidding around) then she went off and liked it... then i said if she didn't unlike then id delete the comment.. so she didn't unlike it and then i deleted it.. then she got upset and said why do you delete your comments.. You acted like you dont want people to see it.. then we started texting and she said she was going to bed and she said i love you with this :/ emoji and said sorry if i was acting bitchy... then i said something then i said goodnight i love you talk to you tomorrow 💜.. she usually puts hearts before she goes to sleep but this time she didn't but before she went to bed she posted a post saying "fall in love with..." And it said why you should fall in love with someone.. Now im confused does she wanna break up or am i just paranoid?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think she wants to break up. She was just sad and she expressed it through social media.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yet another reason social media should stay out of relationships. She was just disappointed and sad. Count yourself lucky she sounds like a nice girl.