Boyfriend isn't initiating texts anymore?

He asked me to be his girlfriend a week ago but ever since then he has yet to initiate a conversation with me and if I don't reach out to him first then we don't end up talking that day. This is not how he acted when we were casually dating beforehand.

I kind of want to talk to him about it but I'm afraid I'll come off as being needy/desperate/crazy especially since its only been a week but I really don't know why he's pulling away after making us official


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  • Well he may not be not be so use to make girls official girlfriend and tell everyone, and another option can be that now he knows everyone know your his girlfriend people could respect you and he is probably trying to give you your space.
    But I personally wouldn't talk to home about it because it affects the relationship. Even ur a week with him you have to make him understand your not a game and you aren't playing with the relationship. Perhaps he is taking it as a game or he could just be doing my first guess.
    That is my opinion.


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  • u have every right to say something. a lot of guys r like this by the way. they make an effort while ur dating then as soon as u say yes he'll think 'ok that's it, i can be me now'.

    u need to be careful. tell him how u feel and see how he reacts. that will honestly determine whether u should stay or go.


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  • Lol sounds like you are dating a woman. He probably is thinking the same thing as you


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  • Honestly I am experiencing the same thing and I have with a few guys. I know if the guy is shy he is probably more comfortable with you, also he has you so he doesn't feel the need to chase you! tell him how you feel and that you would like him to text or call first because you need to feel like he wants to talk to you!

  • If you always have to initiate the texting now , then it shows you aren't the first thought on his mind.

    Personally , i'd refrain from initiating contact with him. If he cares , he'll notice, if he doesn't , he won't.

    You shouldn't have to discuss it with him because if he cared he'd initiate contact, without having to be encouraged by you.

  • You're overacting, "its only been a week".